You’re Not Poor!

You’re not Poor! You just have Poor spending habits! But the good news is there is still hope for you!

Keeping up with the Jones’, lol but did you know the Jones’ have poor spending habits too! Americans have a problem. We are addicted to shopping, splurging and indulging. We love to live the life of the rich and famous even on our meager budgets. Hollywood has us regular folks so convinced that we need to pull up to Rodeo Dr. in our Mercedes with the top down, wearing a pair of Chanel shades, as we throw our keys to the valet and go on extravagant shopping sprees. The problem with that is, most are perpetrating! We live in homes we can’t afford, we drive a car we can’t afford, we spend money we don’t have and we live lives that aren’t ours.

Why do we spend so much money trying to impress other people rather than saving money and building empires? Because when we look a certain way we feel important. We feel better or empowered, but its all a facade! We think these things make us happy, but what happens when tragedy strikes! What happens if you lose your job or God forbid you or a loved one gets sick and you can’t work? If you haven’t saved any money to live comfortably for at least 6 months everything will fall.

We party on the weekends, go out to exquisite restaurants, and shop til we drop! But what are we doing? This lifestyle is foolish! And it’s even more foolish if you do it on credit. if you don’t have enough liquid cash to purchase what you buy two times then you shouldn’t be buying it! Let me repeat that, if you don’t have enough money to buy two of whatever it is you’re purchasing, you shouldn’t buy it!

Who wouldn’t want a bank account that looks like a phone number? And I don’t mean 911! When your money starts to grow, then you can comfortably make the purchases you so desire, better yet you can do bigger better things like travel, buy what you can really afford. We all need Finance 101because we have developed some really poor spending habits, but it’s not your fault. Unfortunately, it’s passed down, your parents didn’t teach you to save because they didn’t know how to save. You have to take steps TODAY to change your TOMORROW! But as I said, fear not there is hope!

Dig deep inside yourself and pull out your emotions to find out why you spend money the way you do. Most the time spending is just that, emotional! Someone I know when she faces a tough situation she goes shopping to calm herself down. A tough situation could be not having enough money to pay a bill! But her psychology is, I don’t have enough money for the bill anyway, so I might as well spend what I do have and make myself happy! What kind of backward logic is that? It’s damaging! And it’s the type of mentality that keeps people broke and in the hole financially.

If you ever find yourself wanting to shop out of emotions, here are a few things you could do instead:

  • Take a walk in the park! Go to a nice park where there may be animals or nice scenery and enjoy nature. You can go all by yourself, take off your shoes and walk in the grass barefoot. This helps you connect to the earth’s energy, its called Earthing and it is a stress reliever.
  • Go to a book store or take a trip to the old school library. Find a good book to read. Turn off your phone and lose yourself in reading. We are so wrapped up in technology that something like this sounds medieval! But reading is knowledge!
  • Visit a museum! It is so inexpensive to get into some museums. They are very interesting, one afternoon in a museum can equal a wealth of knowledge.
  • Go to the pet store or the animal shelter. Don’t purchase a pet, just go pet an animal that is in need of some love. It can make you feel just as loved as the animal
  • Visit children in the Children’s Hospital. It is a hardening experience but sometimes we need a dose of reality to help us appreciate the life we have. Just call the local children’s hospital and ask them if they have times that you can come and visit with a child and maybe bring them a book. You have no idea what that would do for a sick child and their family.
  • Take a drive! Turn up your music and find a nice scenic road, put the windows down and let fresh air in! Fresh air helps release toxins from your body. When you spend a great deal of time indoors, toxins can build up in the body, causing all types of diseases and depression. A dose of fresh air is enough to make anyone snap out of a funk!

There are so many things you can do to keep yourself from spending money. Yes, it’s true just walking out the door cost money, like gas, drinks or snacks. But if you’re following the N2$ course you’ll learn ways to leave the house and spend very minimal money! And think long and hard before you make that purchase, ask yourself 3 things:

  • Can I buy this twice? Do I have enough cash to purchase two of everything I buy?
  • Do I really need this item? Is it a need or a want?
  • Why am I buying this item? Is it to impress me or others?

That last one requires you to be real with yourself. I will admit that I have bought name brand dresses that really weren’t that cute! I just bought them because they had a name on them! And they were very expensive dresses. I had to fix my bad habits. Let’s go to work on ourselves and start building up our wealth!

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