The Importance of Detoxing!

  • Why you need to Detox.
  • How to Detox.
  • Maintenance after you Detox.

buy viagra southampton Why You Need To Detox.

Detoxing the body is the single most important thing you can do for your body to achieve maximum health benefits, optimal energy and reach weight loss goals! Detoxing the body does several things. First, it helps slow down the aging process. As we eat foods our body is constantly working to digest the things we eat. Red meats and processed foods take the body longer to digest, so for example, it takes your body 7 days to digest a steak, if you eat 2 steaks a week, it will take your body an extra 56 days monthly to digest just the steak alone! When your body is in constant work mode it never has a chance to rest and regenerate which increases your aging process! When you overwork your body it can take a toll on your physical appearance. I’m often asked how I look so young at almost 50 years old because I do not consume red meats. Processed foods are even worse! Our bodies are not designed to digest certain materials and the ingredients in processed foods are created in a laboratory and are not natural foods. Most are toxic to our bodies and can cause disease such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer!

The Red Tea Detox

buy zoloft cod How To Detox.

There are several effective ways of detoxing but if you’re looking for a complete reboot and a change in your life a 3 day fast is best. When you’re new at fasting you have to ease yourself into it. If you’re used to eating three meals a day plus snacks, try eating smaller portions of your usual meals for the first week, then start by cutting out the snacks and extra drinks. Now you will be ready for intermittent fasting. Try a couple of days eating only one meal a day. You can drink tea and if it gets too hard for you, make yourself a smoothie. This process can take up to a month. By this time you should be intaking less food and ready for a three day fast. 2 days prior to your fast eat only soups and smoothies. Fruits are fine but may make it harder to enter into a liquid diet. You can try the Lemonade fast or the Red Tea Detox, and you can drink coffee and tea during the fast. Coffee is not recommended but some people need work on kicking the habit. But absolutely no dairy or no sugar in your coffee. You’re trying to clean your system and they defeat the purpose. After the third day ease yourself into solid food, again soups and smoothies for the next 2 days.

Maintenance after you Detox.

It would be counterproductive to go back to eating the way you did before your detox, so staying off red meats and dairy is recommended

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