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N2$ Tools

The Nothing 2 $umthing Tools are designed to help you change your current spending habits by implementing a program consisting of an Overcoming Obstacles Worksheet, A Budget Plan, A Financial Vision Plan, A Meal Planner and an Investment Guide

Learn 2 Save

You're not POOR you have POOR spending habits! We will take a look at your current spending habits and teach you how to make changes. You may think you don't have enough money for a savings account but with N2$ we will show you the way!

Money Instruments

As you watch your savings account miraculously grow N2$ will show you how to take your savings and grow it into an immediate estate with long term generational value and immediate cash value that you can use for that dream purchase!

Little Things Add Up

That coffee, that burger! All the trips through the drive thru can really add up! These foods are loaded with preservatives that does not do a body good! Learn tricks to kick the habit!

Meal Prepping

Learn how to budget yourself weekly and prep your meals for the work or school week. You know its good because you prepared it yourself. Snacks and drinks included!

Healthy Eating Habits

Whether your a meat eater or on a strict alkaline diet. We have meal plans for any diet, but the best part is it's healthier than eating fast food and less expensive!


Change starts with going deep within yourself. Any habit can be reversed in a matter of days if you change your thinking!


Add balance to your life. When your finances and your eating is in order it adds the missing link to finding peace in your life!


Energy is what makes us who we are! We are currency and our energy must be in a positive state to achieve the things we desire!

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