Manage Your Finances
With Nothing 2 $umthing

N2$ Tools

Set Daily Reminders

Interactive Budget helps you stay on track and set reminders to log your goals.

Save everything to dropbox

All forms are downloadable so you can keep track month to month and focus on your goals.

Take notes and reminders

Note section allows to take notes and keep track of your spending.

Message Us anytime

We’re always available. Send us messages for advice and when it’s time for your annual review

These interactive tools are designed to help you track your savings and your goals. Input your information and let the tools show you what you need to do. Follow your budget closely to reach your savings goals. At the end of each week transfer your daily savings into your bank savings account. When your savings is built up, we will guide you to the financial instrument best suited for you to grow your money. 


Budget Yourself

Envision Yourself

Invest in Yourself

Plan for Yourself

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Nothing 2 $umthing I had to juggle all my budgeting in my mind throughout the day.
Nothing 2 $umthing helped me get more organized, and now I simply save more.”


Do your daily budget EVERY DAY! Input realistic numbers to better assist you. Give yourself limits and don’t exceed them.

Your mission

Your mission is to allot yourself a minimal amount of spending on a daily basis, to allow for optimal savings!

What to Expect

  • Grow from Nothing 2 $umthing
  • Minimize Frivolous Spending
  • Grow Your Savings
  • Invest in Your Future
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