Life in Las Vegas!

When my brother told me we were moving to Vegas all I could think of was the lights the slot machines! I thought he had some nice Vegas style apartment he was taking me and my three daughters to. Well that’s not what it was at all, he was living in a weekly! It was Downtown near Fremont St and let’s just say “The Freaks came out at night”! The first week we arrived it snowed! I was shocked to say the least because I didn’t know it SNOWED SNOWED in Vegas! Crackheads (yes crackheads in Las Vegas) was out making snow angels and trash cans were legit on fire!

This isn’t what I was expecting to see! We had to stay locked up in the room while my brother was at work because there was definitely some unsavory characters lurking around where we lived! Prostitutes making deals on the street in front of the weekly, I kid you not! Now I’m not bougie!  I lived in Watts, Inglewood and South Central! It’s just not what I was expecting!

My brother was driving limos at the time and he was making good money! For himself living in a weekly was fine, but he brought us here! It was time to find a regular home! But I knew that meant I had to go find a job, and that’s just what I did! We moved all the way across town to a pretty nice neighborhood and I got a job at The Little White Wedding Chapel!

Working at a Wedding Chapel is so cliche for this town! But that was an adventure in itself! Oh the stories of drunk people meeting for the first time and coming through the drive up window to get married, or the couple coming from across the globe just to say “We got married in Las Vegas” or even the old woman who needs assistance with her walker looking 80ish marrying a 20 something young man who is apparently in it for the money!

During this time my brother met a woman, at the Mosque who was supposed to be a Muslim, because he is a Muslim and he was looking for a nice Muslim woman. But when he married her, she and her family became my family, that’s when Vegas took a turn for me!

Some of the stories I’m going to tell might make a few people mad, and I’m sure it’s not what they want me to say, but hey my truth is my truth! And that’s all I can speak on!

No more faking!

It’s time for us to become truthful to ourselves and our loved ones!

Try it, you might like it!

I’m going to share my stories and experiences and I would like to encourage you to do the same!

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