How to save and build wealth with any income level and Transform your life!


buy lasix for dogs Nothing 2 $umthing is the most comprehensive program that can teach anyone to save money, regardless of your income or your current spending  habits. $umthing is better than Nothing! Start building an immediate estate and generational wealth TODAY!


Ellena Smith, Founder CEO

Interactive Classes

Nothing 2 $umthing is a series of interactive classes that teach finances, diet and spirituality. Each course is designed to transform and regenerate your life!

Mobile Ready

The courses are mobile friendly so you can learn right from your smart phone or tablet. So learning is always with you whether at home or on the go!

Top Performance

You will be receiving top notch information from experts in each field. Financial advisers, Nutritionist and Coaches who are well educated.

Phone Support

Full phone support to answer all your questions or to get personalized advice from our experts. We're always here to help and support you on your journey!

what you can achieve

From Nothing 2 $umthing

From Nothing 2 $umthing can transform your life. We all have areas in our lives that can use a transformation or maybe just a simple reboot! Change starts with looking in the mirror! Nothing 2 $umthing is the mirror!

Even I need work! I will go through the process with you as I work on myself. I am not here to say my life is perfect and yours is not! My life is far from perfect and we will work on us together!

What We Offer

Wealth Building

Learn how to take even the most unstable bank account and start an actual savings account, that can be transformed into wealth!

Spirituality and Healing

Change comes from within! In order to change your habits you have to change yourself! Learn proven technics to a new you!

Diet and Nutrition

Learn how to change your diet to save money and save your health! Many meal plans and recipes to help get you on the right track!

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Customers reviews

I have a good job and make good money, but I was broke after every check, I didn't know why? Nothing 2 $umthing showed me my bad spending habits and where I could change a few things. I started putting away the extra money I was spending frivolously, now I have a savings account and purchased and investment to secure my financial future! Thanks N2$!!!
Adam Walker
Car Sales
I was literally living paycheck to paycheck with no extra money in between! With rent, bills, car expenses, and food I was always broke. Nothing 2 $umthing showed me how to minimize my bills and extra expenses, like the unnecessary trips to the coffee shop each morning. Now I meal prep and started putting minimal money into my savings account. For the first time in my adult life things are in the green! This is such a blessing!
Kayla Sutton
Saving money has never been a problem for me, Nothing 2 $umthing made me realize that my savings account won't help my money grow! But my biggest problem was my eating habits! I was a fast food junkie, I ate out every night. I was shocked to see how much money I was spending on food alone, Ridiculous! Now I have a renewed since of mind and Spirituality and realize that my body won't survive if my eating habits stayed the same. I took my food money and purchased an investment instrument and I eat healthier than I have my whole life! N2$ is the TRUTH
Tim Thompson
Graphic Designer
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